Classics in Brass

Unique graphic engravings, personalised for you

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When we have an item engraved, it is because we want to make it special,

just for ourselves or for someone special, something to treasure and keep forever.

At My-Engraving.Com, a selection of detailed diamond-engraved graphics are provided for you,

and you can then decide what engraved text you would like to be added.

Here for example is an engineering masterpiece, a modern recreation

 of a steam locomotive of the 1940's, reproduced on a gold-plated Key Tag.

Tornado has become famous since its completion in 2008, after an epic nineteen year build,

and is regularly hauling trains on the national railway network.

One side of the Key Tag has a fine engraving of Tornado,

whilst the other is blank for you to choose your own text to be engraved.



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